Acid Weather?


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Acid Weather


    This Glitch occurs when Pursuit is used by the battle host to KO a switching Pokémon while Trick Room' date=' Gravity, Uproar, fog, hail, sunshine, or sandstorm is in effect.


    Depending on which "weather" is in effect when Pursuit is used, various acid weather effects can come into play.

        * Trick Room: Gravity, acid fog, acid hail, acid sun, acid sandstorm, and acid rain.

        * Gravity/Uproar: acid fog, acid hail, acid sun, acid sandstorm, and acid rain.

        * Hail: acid hail, acid sun, acid sandstorm, acid rain.

        * Sun: sandstorm, sand rain.

        * Sandstorm: sand rain.

    As you can see, there are two different types of weather produced, "acid" and "sand." Acid Weather uses one's ability to hurt them. So as Machamp takes damage it would read "Machamp was hurt by No Guard." Sand weather however, simply states "Machamp was hurt by Sandstorm (or Rain)." Chlorophyll and Solar Power are activated if acid sun is up. In addition, as long as their acid weather effects are up, Blizzard and Thunder both have 100% accuracy and Solarbeam doesn't take a turn to charge; however, it does 50% of the normal damage it would do.


    If acid hail isn't up, then Pokémon who are originally immune to Sandstorm are also immune to Acid Weather. If Hail is up as well, then Pokémon must be immune to both Hail and Sandstorm. Pokémon with the abilities Rain Dish, Ice Body, and Dry Skin will recover HP from each weather in effect until they are at 100%; after that they will get damaged.

Endless Circles

    Cherrim and Castform will change between their forms if Acid Sun and Acid Rain are up. This process creates an infinite loop within the form change, causing players to end the battle by turning off the game.

Getting rid of it

    Acid Weather can be stopped by setting up a weather effect that isn't up already or sending in a weather Pokémon (Tyranitar, Kyogre, Groudon, Hippopotas, Hippowdon, Snover, or Abomasnow).

Games Affected

    Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver. It will show up in Diamond or Pearl, but a Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver game must be hosting.


Non ho capito molto bene sta roba @__@ Perchè acid?

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Succede un po' dappertutto.

Ho purtroppo sperimentato 'sto fattaccio questa estate con SS wireless contro un tizio con Platino o Perla (non rammento). Pensavo che HGSS ne fossero immuni e ci sono rimasto malissimo.

Apprendo solo ora che non avrei avuto problemi se non fossi stato io capogruppo con SS: averlo saputo prima!
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Infligge danni quando non dovrebbe. Succedeva in pt jap mi pare, c'è anche un video su yt.
È capitato anche a me, Platino vs. SoulSilver, due versioni americane e hostavo io. A volte l'ho attivato apposta per finire i Pokémon avversari, è un glitch come quelli di RBY e visto che lì si usano per vincere anche io l'ho fatto.
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