pokemon Platino no$gba

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Allora io ho pokemon platino su scheda per ds TT ( nn mi dite di giocare con qll xkè x ora nn ce la ho a casa ) e quindi ho cominciato a giocare sul no$gba ma quando metto le options e mi viene la scritta iniziale quella con scritto primi start mi si blocca in una skermata azzurrina

le mie options sn

;no$gba 2.6 generated config file - do not edit

GBA Mode == GBA (no backlight)

NDS Mode == Nintendo DS (normal 4MB)

Emulation Speed, LCD Refresh == Unlimited MHz Disaster, 100%

Reset/Startup Entrypoint == -Start Cartridge directly

Topmost Display Lines == -Display Normal

Sound Output Mode == None (fastest)

Sound Desired Sample Rate == -Medium (22kHz)

Video Output == 24bit True Color

Emulate BIOS Functions == By real GBA.ROM (accurate)

Solar Sensor Level == Bright Sunlight

GBA Cartridge Backup Media == FLASH 128K Macronix

NDS Cartridge Backup Media == FLASH 512KBytes

Multiboot Port == -None/Disabled

Multiboot Completion == -Auto-close Upload Box

Multiboot Normal/BurstDelays == -Medium/Medium (stable)

Game Screen Filter == None (fast)

Decompressed Help File == Delete after Usage

Create Game Window at == Upper/right of Debug Window

Game Screen Sizing == Strict

IIgame_size == normal

Number of Emulated Gameboys == -Single Machine

Link Gamepaks == -Gamepaks in all GBAs

Link Cable Type == -Automatic

Performance Indicator == -Show Timing only if <>100%

Autosave Options == -Nope

Load ROM-Images to == -All machines

Joypad Button A == 1

Joypad Button B == 2

Joypad Select == 3

Joypad Start == 4

Joypad Button L == 5

Joypad Button R == 6

Joypad Button X == 7

Joypad Button Y == 8

SNESpad Adapter == -None/Disabled (fast)

SNESpad Button A == -Button A

SNESpad Button B == -Button B

SNESpad Button X == -Button X

SNESpad Button Y == -Button Y

Mouse Control Mode == -Free Move (right button=on)

Joysticks/Gamepads == -Enabled

SAV/SNA File Format == Compressed

IIautoRun == yes

Firmware Boot == Manual

3D Renderer == none

IIsnd == stereo

IIreg == show

IIcrk == show

gdb_xsiz == 00000000

gdb_ysiz == 00000000

cht_xsiz == 00000000

cht_ysiz == 00000000

Game_xloc == 0000001E

Game_yloc == 0000001E

Game_xsiz == 000109D9

Game_ysiz == 000109CC

KEYB_1 == A1A9A6A41E301F1C26132D15


mi spiace, da regolamento sono proibite le discussioni su materiale illegale (e come farlo funzionare).
Discussione chiusa ad ulteriori risposte.
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