Nuovo glitch in X e Y.

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Since X and Y has been hacked, there have been rumors going around that people have been sending Pokemon over Wonder Trade which have turned into these Eggs. There have also been reports of them mysteriously appearing in games, with no reason why. As far as trading goes, the process goes smoothly, but once you actually receive said glitchy Pokemon, it TRANSFORMS into a “Mystery Egg” - or in the case of it randomly appearing, it'll just be there in a PC Box. This “Mystery Egg” acts sort of like a “Bad Egg” from previous generations. Basically it becomes an egg that can’t do anything. You can’t release it, trade it, or hatch it. It's an invalid checksum. The difference between an older “Bad Egg” and a “Mystery Egg”, though… is Mystery Eggs can multiply. They can also appear out of nowhere, with no warning. Mystery Eggs can corrupt the PC box that they're in and can also corrupt every Pokemon within that box, if they’re not moved. Here's a video with the Mystery Egg:

Voi che ne pensate? ...
Credo comunque che, se si confermasse questa notizia, rilasceranno una patch, altrimenti si "bloccherebbe" lo scambio prodigioso... Chi rischierebbe di beccare quest'uovo per fare scambi dove c'è già il rischio di non guadagnarci o di non andare in pari?
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