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n00b ante litteram
e io che speravo in un restyling

...non che ce ne sia veramente bisogno, ma il simbolo di Smogon è ancora fermo alla IV gen
Hi everyone,

Yes, we got hacked, along with a number of other high profile Pokemon sites. If you use the same password on Smogon as you do on other sites, you should change said passwords (also install a password manager -- I happen to like LastPass).

Due to the inconvenient timing of the attack it has taken us a while to recover. Sorry about that 
 Many steps have been taken to make sure this will never happen again, the most user-visible of which is that we've switched forums from vBulletin 3.x to XenForo. I'd write more, but this is taking time from getting the site back up. I appreciate the patience and understanding of the community with dealing with this difficult issue.

See you soon! ~chaos
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